🎊Thanks For Signing Up For 3 Days To Lecture Notetaking Mastery!


Thank you for signing up for 3 Days To Lecture Notetaking Mastery In Obsidian!

You have started your path to getting good grades in less time so you can focus on other parts of college, falling in love with learning, and compounding your knowledge across semesters.

The first email of the course should come into your inbox from aidanhelfanthello@gmail.com. It might be in spam.

🎁But while you are here, I have a Secret BONUS goody for you.

Check out my Learn Obsidian For Students Playlist on YouTube.

It includes all the content I wish I had known when learning Obsidian as a student 3 years ago. Save yourself countless hours of time trying to use Obsidian as a student on your own. That's valuable peanut butter eating time...

If you want to contact me, you can find me on ​Twitter​, and if you want to email me, send a note to aidanhelfanthello@gmail.com.

I respond to 100% of my emails so I promise I will get back to you (I know people are surprised).