Aidan's Infinite Play 19 My Dilemma

Aidan's Infinite Play 19 My Dilemma
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Hello players!

As I start my fourth semester at Cornell, I'm again thinking about what I want out of my life right now. Here's the dilemma I'm in.

I love content creation. I adore the freedom of expression it allows. I love reading the comments of those I have touched. I love the endless pool of curiosity I can tap into.

At times I have loved it so much that I considered dropping out of school and pursuing it full-time. Many of my content creator friends have taken the leap and none have regretted it.

But at the same time I love University. Not as much for the education. Although I'm interested in what I'm learning in class I stay more for the incredible intellectual and social environment of University. Fostering friendships, participating in club activities, and going on adventures with my Cornell friends have been some of the most fulfilling and enjoyable parts of my life over the past year and a half. And of course, you can't miss the sunflower butter at the dining halls.

It feels like I'm living two lives at once. On the one hand, I have the traditional University experience done for decades. On the other I have content creation inside of the new creator economy, rejecting the default path for the online learning life.

What's keeping me in University apart from my great friendships right now is one thing. Something that honestly terrifies me: the paradox of progress.

The paradox of progress is the idea that the more society moves forward the more problems are created. This paradox applies not only to society but to our individual lives. Humans don't usually realize that progress is not always an inherent good.

In my case, for example, I'm living what is in many ways my best life right now. I have freedom of expression through my content creation, a bustling social life at University and on the internet, and the traditional school experience through my classes.

And yet I still feel this clinging to leave Cornell and go create content full-time. The question is, would progress in my content creation actually make my and others' lives better? Or would it just create more problems I don't enjoy solving? Because of how small I am as a content creator, I have autonomy over my creation. Would this stay if I went full-time?

I don't know the answer to that question. For now, I'm staying at University. Probably to the great joy of my parents lol.

But in many ways, this isn't just a problem I'm facing. We all have areas in our lives where we could make progress on. The question is, would progress in those areas make us reflect on our lives with more fulfillment?

Here's what I would like to share this week.

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