Aidan's Infinite Play 5 What is a Conversation?

Aidan's Infinite Play 5 What is a Conversation?
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Hello players!

What is a conversation?

No really. What is the point of a conversation? It seems like such a rudimentary simple question, but I honestly believe most people give very little thought to this question which is funny considering how much of our lives we engage in them.

In it's essence I believe a conversation is three things: statements, humor, and stories.

That's it.

The big choice is what statements, humor, and stories you tell to others when conversing with them. It's here that things get more nuanced.

Before I enter into a conversation, I try my best to actively think about where I would like the conversation to go. If I know the person, I ask what types of things I know they are interested in. When was the last time we talked? What statements, humor, or stories can I give them that they would resonate or find meaningful?

Often, I pull up the person page I have for them inside of my Obsidian vault and glance over the things I journaled about them in my last few times seeing them.

If I don't know them I ask myself what I'm seeking in the conversation. Am I looking for a new friend? Am I looking for a possible date? Am I looking for a study buddy? Do I just want to talk?

It might seem strange to think this deeply about conversations this way but I think it only makes sense. I believe the quality of your relationships are the single biggest factor in determining the quality of your life.

Most people I know don't think about their conversations nearly enough. They just kind of, well, wing it. They go into conversations with no purpose or thinking beforehand.

You know what this leads to?

God awful endless conversations about the weather and how much sleep you got last night. Small talk.

Of course there is a time for small talk but all the time?

I would rather die.

Here's my suggestion. Next time you get in a conversation with someone and they ask you how your day or week has been, don't answer with an itinerary of your day. Rather, think of some statement, humor, or story that will add something meaningful to the world.

By becoming more aware of how you carry yourself in conversation the world can become a more interesting place.

You have an obligation to be entertaining. Anytime you are interacting with someone, you are taking away their time to speak with them.

It's your job to make it worth it.

The world is full of boring people. But through the power of great conversation you can make it so much more.

I genuinely believe you can turn most meetings, dinner conversations, study sessions, and more into an enjoyable experience. What it takes is understanding how to converse.

Here's what I would like to share this week.

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