⚒️AIP 71 How I'm Doing More By Trying Less

⚒️AIP 71 How I'm Doing More By Trying Less
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It seems obvious the more effort you give the more you should get.

This has not been the case with me and dating. As I said in my ​2023 annual review​, one of my big goals this year is to find a girlfriend. I’ve been cold approaching, using Hinge, talking to girls in classes, at the gym, and more. With every interaction, one question sits in the back of my mind: is she girlfriend material?

Has this incredible initiative paid off?

Much less than you would think.

Frustrated by my lack of control, I decided to talk to an old PTYA creator friend, Dennis Xiao. He opened my eyes to the philosophy of non-forcing.

Essentially, when you try to force things, you fight with the Universe

The foundational law of the Universe is entropy. Things change, regardless of whether you want them to or not.

Resisting change too heavily puts you at war with everything.

This doesn’t just apply to dating but anything in life. Trying to force someone else’s Personal Knowledge Management system on yourself. Trying to force yourself to go to work even though another creative endeavor intrigues you more. Trying to force yourself to eat something other than peanut butter (that might just be a me thing).

Action has diminishing returns.

Using Clash Of Clans as an analogy, you can spend only so much time playing each day. You can collect your resources and battle, but then your troops need to recoup (unless you’re a silly like me and spent real-life dinero to recoup them instantly).

Applied to dating, I’ve been trying to force a girlfriend too heavily. I was taking action. But I was taking so much that there were not only diminishing returns, but I came to my interactions with the wrong mindset.

The question during my interactions was always: is she girlfriend material? This put me in a needy state. And girls noticed. Neediness is one of the most unattractive qualities in a guy. The philosophy of non-forcing would say, come to your interactions just looking for a meaningful connection. You'll know if she’s girlfriend material; if she’s not, at least you had a nice conversation.

Adopting this philosophy lifted a massive weight from my shoulders.

I no longer have the pressure of analyzing every interaction like a sonar missile reader in a submarine. I simply am. Paradoxically, my interactions are becoming better. I’m not needy. I’m just looking for a great connection.

Don’t force it, be like water.

Here’s what I would like to share this week.

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