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  1. The Beginner's Guide to Building a Second Brain
  2. Solving The Folder, Tags, Links Debate With MOCs (Maps of Content)
  3. How I Take Book Notes in Obsidian: Compound Your Knowledge!

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  1. 5 Simple Levels To Supercharging Your Learning With MOCs In Obsidian
  2. 6 Simple Methods For Creating And Growing Your Concept Notes In Obsidian
  3. Aidan's Infinite Play 37 What Is Your PKM Thinking Style? LYT 11 Part 1


  1. ​🎙️E21 Josh Duffney: When Zettelkasten Notetaking In Obsidian Fails...​

2.🎙️E16 Keli Fancher: How To Be Productive As A PKMer​

3.🎙️E34 Fis Fraga: How PKM Connects With Personal Growth And AI​

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🔗Unlock Your Genius With Linked Book Notetaking: https://www.aidanhelfant.com/linked-book-notetaking/

🔗Unlock Your Genius With Linked Book Notetaking

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