⚗️AIP 76 Self-Experiment Your Way To Success

⚗️AIP 76 Self-Experiment Your Way To Success
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I used to slap others’ solutions onto my problems without tailoring them to myself–it was like using a chainsaw to knit a sweater.

I blindly copied other people’s Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) philosophies and PKM apps. This led to me switching apps six times and wasting hundreds of hours.

While developing my writing voice, I tried to ingrain Dan Koe’s writing style into my own. His seriousness, existential dread, and dry humor clashed with my natural bubbliness, playfulness, and zest. Everyone I sent those writings to said "this doesn't sound like you at all Aidan."

I copied Jeff Nippard’s strength resistance training program even though I was training for hypertrophy, and then I got disappointed when I didn’t look like Arnold Swartznegger in a few months (to be fair, that was probably more the steroids).

My mistake was thinking someone else’s solution would automatically fit into mine.

The problem is everyone has different goals, interests, resources, skills, playstyles, and more, which change how they want to play. Copying another’s game blindly would be like me playing a Barbarian when my play style is more a mage. I don’t have the right YARARAHRHHARH! scream for it ye know?

The lesson I learned is that the only way to make something work for you is to self-experiment.

This requires a profound degree of open-mindedness and curiosity. You need open-mindedness so you can sift through the beliefs of others and consider applying them to your own. You need curiosity to motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and learn about others in the first place. Rarely are things black and white but rather shades of grey.

You are your own infinite project.

As you consume, apply, and experience life, you will find patterns and make connections in how things uniquely affect you. Then, you can work to change the environments you get in, the things you focus on in those environments, and finally, your behavior and results.

For example, I’ve learned that I thrive on learning new things. Whether it be cooking, psychology, PKM, gamification, meta-learning, or how to differentiate Asia from Europe (yes, this was a problem once), I love learning. So, I don’t put myself into situations where I’m doing the same thing over and over again for a long time.

I’ve also learned something less flashy but equally important: I need to move in some way every hour and a half. Whether it be standing, taking a walk, or going on a run, sitting still for an hour and a half makes me want to turn into a black hole.

Here's what I would like to share this week.

🚀I Finished My Sci-Fi Novelette--​Read It Here!​

Yup, after about two months of outlining, writing, and revising I finished my first sci-fi novelette.

It follows a Universe travelling bard with godlike powers as he tries to help two cynical and sad brothers navigate the death of their family in space as they go to take over a planet in their spite.

I hope you enjoy if you read!

📸News From The Channel!

📺Latest On De YouTube - ​Compound Knowledge In Just 15 Minutes Daily With Obsidian​: Discover how to optimize your Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) system with just 15 minutes a day! In this video, we'll explore the concept of slow productivity, a method that emphasizes quality and deep work over quantity. We'll delve into the benefits of slow productivity in managing your knowledge, including how to conduct regular reviews and compound your knowledge over time. Learn how to liberate yourself from heavy lifts and embrace slow burns to become more productive with Obsidian. Don't miss out on this guide that will revolutionize your approach to PKM and productivity.

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In this podcast you will learn:

  • How to use AI in PKM to supercharge your learning
  • Common mistakes people make using LLM for learning
  • How to become a more critical thinker

Everyone has their uniquenesses (definitely a word I checked lol). The question is, what are yours?

Got questions? Hit "reply"! I read every email (yeah people are surprised!) 🤗 Thanks for reading!

Cheers, 🥜


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