✍️AIP 75: I’m Writing A Sci-Fi Novelette

✍️AIP 75: I’m Writing A Sci-Fi Novelette
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Hello learners!

I know I’ve been absent the last couple weeks, but like so often happens I got caught up in a new learning adventure.

I’m currently in the revising stage of my new sci-fi novelette! The premise: A Universe traveling bard with god-like powers brings two orphaned kids onto the ship of two scarred brothers to heal their wounds before they take over the planet the kids came from. It’s packed with absurdist humor and explores themes of action versus inaction, truth, what it means to be a kid, and more.

I know what you’re thinking: the last thing I want to do is read the first sci-fi novelette of some 20 year old when I signed up for PKM, gamification, and meta-learning.

Fair enough. I’m going to release it here in a couple weeks and don’t worry I won’t be sad if you don’t—okay maybe a little.

The other question you might be thinking is why am I writing this?

As you know if you read my 2023 yearly review, I LOVE writing. It’s my favorite hobby. Fiction writing is often seen as completely different from non-fiction but they actually fuel each other. Through writing this sci-fi novelette I have learned to embody another characters perspective, deepened my emotional resonance, and gotten better at telling a story. Also, I just love learning new things.

One last piece of exciting news I wanted to announce is I’m almost at 5,000 subs on YouTube!

It’s been a wild ride these last 3 years of creating and I couldn’t have done it without you. So to honor this milestone I thought it would be fun to do a subscriber Q&A.

If you want to be one of the questions please take one minute out of your day to ask something anything through this form.  Some ideas could be my experience creating content over these last three years, what I have learned, what my plans for the future are, if I’m really that addicted to peanut butter, and anything else you come up with.

Here’s what I would like to share this week. 

📸News From The Channel! 

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Got questions? Hit "reply"! I read every email (yeah people are surprised!) 🤗 Thanks for reading!

Cheers, 🥜



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