🌟The Obsidian Beginner Resource List

Below you'll find:

  • A curated list of my best pieces of content on Obsidian
  • The best creators to follow in the Obsidian Community
  • Links to immerse yourself in the Obsidian Community

This is the Obsidian beginner resource list I wish I had 3 years ago.

I recommend save 1-2 pieces of content in each section and come back to this list later as you learn more. I HIGHLY recommend you start with my article: The Only Obsidian Beginner Guide You’ll Ever Need.

Don’t overwhelm yourself, have fun! 🎊

👋Hi, I'm Aidan Helfant!

I used to be addicted to video games like a fish is addicted to water.

Now I have made notetaking into my game. I have reignited my childhood curiosity and fallen back in love with learning. Having invested more than 1000+ hours into effective learning, notetaking, and studying, I want to teach you what I've learned in a fraction of the time.

🌟My Top 9 Pieces Of Content On Obsidian

💫Obsidian Beginner PKM Not For College Students

🎓Obsidian PKM For College Students

📦Zettelkasten Obsidian PKM

My Channels

📸Best Obsidian Creators To Follow

  • Nick Milo: "The godfather of Obsidian 😆." Teaches you how to take linked notes inside of Obsidian and do your best thinking. Creator of the most popular Obsidian (and broader PKM) notetaking school: The Linking Your Thinking Workshop.
  • John Mavrick: My long-time friend and business partner. Creates tutorials showing how to use Obsidian for school, integrate AI into your notetaking, and self actualize in the digital age.
  • TfTHacker: Exploring Tools for Thought & PKM, with a focus on Obsidian, Readwise & others. Creator of Cornell Notes for Obsidian.
  • Nicole van der Hoeven: Creates actionable content on how to use Obsidian as a computer scientist and Table Top Roleplayer.
  • Danny Hatcher: Creates tutorials particularly around academic content in Obsidian. Co-Host of The Personal Knowledge Management Podcast talking all things PKM with his friend John.
  • From Sergio: Creates workflow and tutorial videos.
  • Zsolt Vicksian: Explains how to use the Excalidraw plug in in Obsidian which helps you take visual notes.
  • Eleanor Konik: Fiction and history writer who hosts the Obsidian Roundup, the best free email newsletter for news about Obsidian.
  • King In Motion: Creates content on how to use the Zettelkasten system of notetaking in Obsidian.
  • Mike Schmitz: Help people apply values-based productivity principles and systems, primarily using Obsidian. Follow to improve your productivity and creativity workflows. Creator of the Obsidian notetaking school Obsidian University.
  • Theo Stowell: Creator of the PARAZETTEL system of notetaking in Obsidian. Creates content on how to use Obsidian as well as broadly how to self-actualize and live a better life.


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